Techno and hiphop beats bumped into the crowd with throwbacks and new aged sounds. The music was bursting through the speakers, elbows were jamming into the sides of strangers, and overpriced cocktails splashed onto freshly cleaned Nike Airforce 1s. Located in downtown San Diego, but away from the posh Gaslamp clubs, Spin Nightclub and Travelers Club hosted one of the sickest nights for a different kind of crowd. This crowd was full of artists, dreamers, and people of all colors. It was packed, sweaty and loud.

Sango, an American DJ based out of Seattle, hypnotized the crowd with his alternative hip-hop sounds. The crowd moved in all directions, crammed by the four walls that enclosed us, the steam fogged up my glasses making me regret wearing them. Going into this night, I had set my mind to find the illest dressers-slash-fashionistas at this party. I also knew that I was going to carry my heavyweight Canon 5d Mark IV with my 24-105mm lens was going to be a struggle. The whole night I had my left arm protect my lens as I turned it in towards my stomach hoping no one will spill their drink or elbow the glass. I tried to capture in-focused intimate moments but almost immediately was shoved by hypnotized fans. This is a typical night as a photographer, juggling to capture those moments and protecting your equipment. This is why I suggest taking only your lightest and incognito camera, a trusty point-and-shoot (with a flash!). 

I normally take night-life / street style photos on my point-and-shoot Ricoh GR iii for its size, the easy flash mode, and low-light settings. It’s smaller than an iPhone X and almost lighter. The focus is slow but has a lot of fun settings to play around with that it’s like you’re shooting with a film camera. My fave photos come out of that little thing. 

I was carrying my flash with me just in case I wanted to attach it to my Canon however I found the flash to be to intimating and had my friend flash her iPhone light on my subjects (thanks Mal). Take a look at the club kids I found at Spin below. 

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